Do you love Jesus?


Want to love Jesus more? Keep His commandments. Want to have a deeper relationship with Jesus? Keep His commandments. For when we seek with all our heart’s we will find Him. He’s not hiding from you, He’s not far off, He’s knocking on the door of your heart, you just have to let Him in, really let Him in. Not half way, but fully. Let go and let the door swing wide open and invite Him in, He’ll never leave you. He wants to bring us so much deeper in our relationship with Him than we are now, it’s like we’re scared to offer Him everything. He is everything, He made everything, has everything, but yet, seeks our heart’s still. What crazy love. Did you know He even sings over us? Has there ever been a song that made you think of someone you loved and you would sing it with all your heart and with a smile on your face? That’s what He does with us. He is so filled with love and joy when He thinks of us. How can we respond in any way other than giving Him everything? When we start to realize just how loved we really are by Him any fear we have of giving it all to Him can only flee. Go and read Jesus’ words as if it were for the first time, without anyone’s opinion on what He’s saying in your head. He loves you with an all-consuming, everlasting, crazy love.


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