Jesus sets free.


I was sitting with my mom last night playing this game on my phone called, “Trivia crack.” If you haven’t heard of it basically you spin a wheel and depending on what category it lands on then you answer a question, my category was entertainment and the question was, “In Aladdin what was the Genie’s only wish?” and it had four different choices, 1, to undo a mistake. 2, have a friend. 3, to find true love. and 4, to be free. Now if you aren’t familiar with Aladdin, all the Genie (Who is voiced by Robin Williams) wanted was to be free. It was yet another light bulb moment for me, I turned to my mom, showed her the question and said, “All Robin Williams wanted was to be free, and that’s what Jesus does, He sets us free.”

That’s the hope we have. We’re no longer slaves to sin and this world, we’re free. And I think if we really allowed that truth to sink deep into our hearts it would flow back out of our hearts and mouths a lot more often. What would have happened if someone had shared the Truth with Robin Williams, maybe he wouldn’t have accepted it, maybe he would have. Maybe he did even, only God knows. But it’s not our responsibility on how people respond, our only responsibility is that we tell them. We have the answer, we just have to be willing to share it. Love does no wrong to his neighbor, so if we really loved them, we would show them The One who died and lives so they, we, could be free. The One who loves and heals and works in ways we cannot fathom. The God who woo’s us back to Him again and again, who created all this for us. We would show them a glimpse of God’s crazy love. For while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8)

Be a light for Him. This world needs light now more than ever.


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