Keep making me.


Man, can this walk with God feel a lot less like a walk and a whole lot more like a roller coaster ride at times. He takes you through twists and turns and there are moments where you can’t even tell which way is up. And boy, does Satan come at you in those moments, “You put your trust in God and this is what He gives you?!” “Isn’t He supposed to love you?! Why would He let you down like this?!” But the truth is, God is ALWAYS looking out for our good, even if it may not FEEL good. God has a plan and a purpose for our lives and a lot of times it might not be what we hoped for but it’s always what’s best for us. He gives and He takes away, but His promise to us is always the same, I will be with you, smiling with you in the ups and crying with you in the downs, you need not fear.

But I feel like this song says more than I possibly could. It’s my prayer.. Give it a listen.


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